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Sally Pryce, one of the leading harpists of her generation, gave birth to twins on November 3, 2008. Praised for her "deft musicality" and "truly astonishing abilities," Sally is much in demand as soloist, chamber musician and orchestral player at major venues and festivals throughout the UK and overseas.

The twins had been listening to harp music for the nine months before they were born, so it is hardly surprising that they find it comforting now.  Hannah likes Bach. And loves harp music. She seems to be playing the "air harp." She is nearly 8 weeks old here. She concentrates on the music and stops crying.

Here's a file that plays on Windows Media Player in 320x240 size.
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Evelyn - Hannah's twin sister - seems to prefer to hear music while she is close to her mother. So this is a new use for a "Mothercare" sling.

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Here is a photo of the twins at six weeks.