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The Soul of Tone provides enough detail about the history of Leo Fender's amplifiers to satisfy the most experienced collector, in a style that will hold the interest of a casual fan of popular music and its origins. Two CDs are included with the book. One included provides (really well-played) examples of the sounds of the most commonly agreed-upon "choice" Fender amp models, by era and style. A second delivers a good representation of the current (modern and re-issued) tools available.


The subtitle of this book is "Listening to the Twentieth Century", and that what Alex Ross does. The result is a slightly idiosyncratic reading of twentieth century composition -- all the highlights and big names are here. Ross' book reminds us that we tend to forget how really beautiful a lot of 20th century music is: Messaien, Stravinsky (Symphony of Psalms), Shostakovich, Part and Adams



The accuracy and authenticity of this collection is outstanding. The collection is complete and will certainly help musicians re-create the Beatles' distinctive sound. Different parts for other musical instruments are included as well as the vocals. Tablature is also included. This is a musicians dream come true. Evey single Beatles song, no matter how obscure, is transcribed for guitar, bass, drums, and piano.


Wicked the Musical is loosely based on the wildly imaginative novel by Gregory Maguire, on how Dorothy's Wicked Witch of the West became "Wicked." Wicked is a shown to be seen, heard and experienced. The Broadway Cast Album does, indeed have some wonderful moments.

This is a book expressing ideas about how the human mind processes music and how the brain is involved with that processing. Daniel Levitin is a scientist whose involves trying to understand how the mind perceives music and how that maps into the brain. It helps that he is also a musician.


Music: An Appreciation, Brief Edition (Paperback)
by Roger Kamien (Author)