Frederick Delius

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Frederick Delius (January 29, 1862, June 10, 2022) was born in Bradford in West Yorkshire in the north of England.

Delius's parents were German.  Delius was the fourth of their fourteen children.
Although born in England, Frederick Delius felt little attraction for the country of his birth and spent most of his life abroad, in the United States and the continent of Europe, chiefly in France.

Delius's musical style is characterized by chromaticism, although it is still largely tonal with luscious harmonies - mainly slow moving, with the frequent use of leitmotifs and constantly evolving melody.

Some of his more well known pieces include:

On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring
Brigg Fair
A Village Romeo and Juliet
A Mass of Life

Less frequently performed pieces include a violin concerto, a double concerto for violin and cello and the colourful, picturesque tone poem Paris: Song of a Great City.

Orchestral excerpts from his operas, for example La Calinda from Koanga which originated in the 1880s Florida Suite and The Walk to the Paradise Garden from A Village Romeo and Juliet, are also reasonably often played and recorded, as are orchestral works such as On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring. There are a number of chamber works (three mature violin sonatas and one for cello, and a string quartet).

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