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These three quartets are probably the most popular, and most appealing, quartets written by non-Germanic composers. The slow movements of the Tchaikovsky and Borodin quartets are exceptionally beautiful. The Emerson Quartet does full justice to them in their original settings. They also give a fine performance of Dvorak's "American" Quartet which is his most popular piece of chamber music.
Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, Borodin.


This CD includes samples from many of Mozart's best-known and most popular works-sonatas, operas, etc. It's a good starting point for those new to Mozart or the casual classical listener.

Eine kleine Nachtmusik
Piano Concerto No.21 In C Major
Le nozze di Figaro



This CD is an excellent introduction to Opera for those who don't think they like Opera. These are older recordings, mostly from the 1960's. The recording quality is exceptional for the day.
Donizetti, Puccini, Verdi, Mozart, Puccini etc.


Joshua Bell is one of the leading violinists of our time. He enjoys immense success and popularity in every recital and concert hall in the States and around the world. He is blessed with the gift of using romantic inflection in his mastership of the violin. On this recording, Joshua Bell treats us with mostly gentle music, romantic music, perfect for a romantic evening at home.
Puccini, Chopin, Debussy, Saint-SaŽns etc.


The most attractive thing about this Beethoven compilation CD is the price. For around five dollars, you get almost 77 minutes of music, which makes this CD useful as a very basic introduction to Beethoven, although I think some of the track selections are a bit obscure.
Great buy!


The DVD is the full 77 minute concert with two features previously released alone. The CD is the full 72 minute concert previously released alone, except that two bonus tracks have been added. The video quality of the DVD is astonishing. I highly recommend this CD/DVD combination Special Edition while it is still available.
Mascagni, Gounod, Schubert, Rossini etc.