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See Music copying for explanation of terms.

I am an experienced music transcriber, copyist, engraver and producer.

I was trained in London. I work for internationally acclaimed composers in the UK and the US,  the BBC, independent television companies in the U.K., the Sydney Opera House and others.

I worked for Trinity College London as Publications Editor, transcribing and producing all their examination music for piano, violin and guitar. Also, music copyright research, music publishing, music licensing and clearance in the UK, the US and worldwide.

The American Federation of Musicians on seeing my work stated: “it is our advisory opinion that the evidence presented clearly establishes that Alison Pryce is a copyist of extraordinary ability, which has been demonstrated by sustained international acclaim.”

Music transcriptions. Would you like your music that you have recorded or written to be professionally transcribed; ready to be printed, copyrighted and published?

I can listen to your recording on a CD, tape or MP3 and write it, exactly as it was recorded, or work from your manuscript. Then I will deliver it to you, either by mail or by email in a .pdf file, (requires Adobe Reader) so that it can be printed and performed. I can usually get the music back to you within 2 business days. Music transcriptions, copying, orchestrating and arrangements can be sent anywhere in the world.

Fast, competent work and competitive rates.
For your convenience I gladly accept

as well as a check or money order.

Alison Pryce
P.O. Box 192
Texas 78639
Phone: 512 968 4911

Contact Alison

On the right is a list of music scores for you to see and hear.

If you can't see the music, you need the Scorch viewer from Sibelius.
It is very easy to download their 'plug-in', and takes about 3 minutes.
It's worth it! You will then be able to see and hear all Sibelius files on the Web.
Click the 'play' arrow to start playing the music.

Please note that scores print out better than they look on monitors!

In 1971, Ms. Pryce made a historic achievement by becoming the first female member of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, thus paving the way for sweeping changes in orchestras across Europe as they began to appoint women for the first time. Following this landmark accomplishment, Ms. Pryce received numerous distinguished appointments with many world-class orchestras, including the English Sinfonia (Principal bass), English National Orchestra (Sub-principal bass), Welsh National Opera Orchestra, BBC Scottish Symphony, Festival Ballet, Liverpool Philharmonic, and the Bejart Ballet. In these and other ensembles, Ms. Pryce has played under the direction of some of the greatest musicians of the twentieth century, such as Pierre Boulez, Rudolph Kempe, Reginald Goodall, Sir Colin Davis, Mark Elder, Sir Andrew Davis, James Lockhart, James Levine and Sir Charles Groves. It is this extensive experience as an "A-list" world-class performer that gives Ms. Pryce the ability to notate and prepare sophisticated musical scores not only with an impeccable eye for every musical detail, but with an extraordinary breadth of understanding that is unique among music copyists, arrangers, orchestrators and notators.
It has been a great honor to have the opportunity to work with Ms. Pryce on a number of projects over the past two years. I can confirm that she is a world-class expert and that her skills as a music notation expert are truly extraordinary.

JULIAN REVIE January 2006

See Music copying for explanation of terms.

During the past year, Alison Pryce has copied two of my compositions for large chamber ensemble. Each of the pieces involves a mixture of traditional metric notation and a relatively unorthodox use of brackets, boxes, arrows, graphic patterns, noteheads without stems and stems without pitches. Ms. Pryce handled all of this with great accuracy, timeliness, patience and humor. She understands the musical implications of my notational requests, and on a number of occasions pointed out inconsistencies I had overlooked or suggestions (very wise ones!) for re-notating certain passages. It was a joy to work with her, and I hope I'll have the opportunity to engage her services again.




Example music for you to see
in a .pdf file.

Extract from Chamber Concerto VI: Mr Jefferson 
by Elliott Schwartz


Ist. Movement from Sonata by Corelli

In the Shadow of Your Wings by Julian Revie

Poème Symphonique for the White Queen