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Penillion and Solfege 

These are two forms of music and notation which are used very rarely in America,
and which I have been transcribing from original manuscripts.

Penillion singing.

Penillion is a form of Welsh poetry employed by bards in Wales. It has been
documented only since the 18th century.

A harpist, playing and singing at the same time is traditional, but two musicians
can be employed, singing the two parts.

Not only are the melodies but even the meter or rhythm can be different between
the vocalist and musician
. It is quite usual for the vocalist to sing in triple meter
(for example, 3/4 time) while the harper plays a tune in duple meter
(for example, 2/4 or 4/4 time).

The singer follows the harper, who may change the tune, or perform variations,
whilst the singer must keep time, and end precisely with the melody.
The singer takes the strain up at the second, third or fourth measure.
The most popular tunes for this art in the last 200 years have been the
traditional Welsh harp airs.

 Here is an original piece of Penillion music and transcription for harp and voice.

To hear the music click the play arrow.
You may have to click twice.






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