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Before the emergence of Ottorino Respighi, (born in Bologna in 1879, died in Rome 1936), Italy had produced no significant composer of non-vocal work since the high Baroque. He was influenced by his teachers Rimsky-Korsakov and Richard Strauss. Respighi strove to recapture the orchestral style and spirits of Vivaldi, Corelli and Scarlatti.

The Pines of Rome
Third Movement The Pine-trees of the Janiculum
The pine trees of the Janiculum stand distinctly outlined in the clear light of the full moon.  A nightingale is singing.

Suite for orchestra, Gli Ucelli (the birds).
After a Prelude based on a work by Bernardo Pasquini, the "uccelli" (birds) of the title make their appearances as follows: a dove, a hen, a nightingale and the cuckoo (after Pasquini). The Prelude's main theme returns in various guises throughout, and the work ends with a restatement of melodic fragments from earlier movements.

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