United Airlines Lost and Found

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After our vacation in England, we returned on United Airlines to Texas from London on 30th August 2006 and discovered that we had a wrong bag. At midnight, after a 23 hour journey, we phoned Lost and Found at United Airlines to tell them about our lost baggage. The system worked really well! However, we think that United must be outsourcing their phone answering work force, (in order to keep air fares cheaper for all?)

This is part of the phone conversation we had with the Lost and Found system. You might find it interesting. When we were put on hold towards the end of this audio clip, we were held for several minutes. This has been cut in this clip. The whole conversation lasted for about one hour, although this recording stopped long before then.

We got our bag back eventually.

You may have to click this play arrow twice.


If you have amusing recordings that you would like to share with the world, send me the recording as an MP3 file and I will put it on the internet for you.